McChord Field - US Air Force T-shirts



WWII 3rd Division Camp Blanding, Florida T-shirt



WWII US Army Air Force Kelly Field, Texas Sweatshirt

Someone scored this beautiful sweatshirt on Ebay.  I absolutely love this one!

WWII US Naval Air Gunners School, Jacksonville, Fla. T-shirt

Another good one that sold on Ebay a while back.

WWII US Army ADC Kodiak, Alaska T-shirt

This super cool WWII sold on Ebay recently and I've never seen one before.  It has the flocked felt print and sold cheap.

WWII US Navy Seabees Gulfport, Miss T-shirt

Here's a nice WWII Seabees t-shirt on Ebay.  Its real similar in design to the Camp Endicott tee in the original photo I posted directly below.

WWII US Navy Camp Endicott, RI T-shirt


WWII US Navy Baseball Poster & Jersey

Check out this super cool WWII Ted William US Navy baseball jersey and team poster that was for auction HERE.

1947 US Marine Corps Baseball T-shirts



108th Seabees Deck Jackets

WWII US Army Air Forces Slippery Rock, PA T-shirt

This killer photo comes from Instragram user @scottyvt1.  He writes, "My father in law.  Summer 1945.  Jersey Shore.  Slippery Rock was a college air crew training detachment at the State Teacher's College."

Victory-1945 to Exclusively Use Runabout Goods Simple 1940's Style T-shirts

Victory-1945's upcoming limited run of 1940's military inspired t-shirts will be using Runabout Goods simple tees exclusively.  I've searched high and low to try to find the perfect USA made tee that is true to WWII era specs and this one really seems to fit the bill.  We will be doing roughly 30 tees in the the Milk (off-white) color and possibly Glacier blue as well.  Designs coming soon.  See t-shirt sizing above.

Some Choice WWII Tees on Pinterest

Check out the link from Pinterest as there are some great WWII tees cataloged.  The above is just a sampling.

Amazing WWII Camp Crowder Time Capsule Baseball Jersey

Check out the story on this killer WWII US Army baseball jersey HERE.  The other pictures above are from Ebay.

Betty Sue - The Infamous WWII Stenciled Tee

The Amazing stenciled tee that sold back on Ebay about a year and a half ago.  I believe the Ebay seller purchased it at a San Pedro estate sale about 10 - 15 years ago.  Such a gem!!!

WWII Paratroopers 511th Falcons Airborne

This jacket was the coolest item for sale at the West Coast Historical Militaria Collectors Show this past weekend at the Fairplex in Pomona, CA.

1950s Military Graphic T Shirt 1950s Korean War Army Tee White Cotton Top Small

Here's a real cool 1950's US Army tee up on Etsy.

The description reads:  This Korean War Era T-shirt was made for the Battery "C" of the 99th Field Artillery Battalion.  The 99th Field Artillery Battalion was active from 1940 until 1957."

WW2/WWII Era Kelly Field Normoyle Q.M. Depot San Antonio Sz 40 Sweatshirt - Velva Sheen

This sweatshirt sold recently on Ebay.  I love the quartermaster eagle and flocked print.

Description read:  "CAMP NORMOYLE. Camp Normoyle was established during World War I. It was located across the railroad at the northeast corner of Kelly Field in western San Antonio. In 1920 the base served as an army vocational school. Camp Normoyle was a quartermaster ordnance and engine-replacement depot for Kelly Field during World War II, and was merged into Kelly Field in 1944."